Jessica Hope: Transformations


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This audio recording is designed to enhance your ability to find deep relaxation or a state of centered creativity.

Deep Relaxation
* Guided Relaxation Voice of Jessica Hope
* Deep Relaxation Vibrational Sound
* Release Voice of Jessica Hope
Centered Creativity
* Guided Centered Creativity Voice of Jessica Hope
* Centered-Creative Vibrational Sound
* Release Voice of Jessica Hope

Experience this unique harmonic convergence of the body through crystal bowls presented by Jessica Hope. A practitioner of vibrational medicine (trained by Jovita Wallace), reiki master, teacher and ordained minister, her amazing personal journey has placed her as one of the few certified vibrational medicine healers in the country. With her vision as a prominent healer in this country, she delivers an exceptional program to balance the energy centers through harmonious sound and vibrations from the crystal bowls.

You can listen to all the tracks in sequential fashion or select the individual tracks to focus on the particular enhancement you desire - deep relaxation or centered creativity.