KN95 Mask for Kids Toddler to Elementary School

  • KN95 filtration respirator sized for children toddler to elementary school
  • Nose shaping wire
  • Soft ear loops
  • Single mask available for fit testing
  • Genuine Winner brand
  • Imported
  • Plain white masks (no decorations or stickers)

These masks fit ages 2-10, depending on your child’s face shape and size. They have a nice, wide nose shaping wire, and the ear loops are soft and comfortable. We sell these small KN95 masks in singles ($2.95) and packs of 5 ($11.95). Just one should be adequate for you to evaluate whether or not it fits well and forms a good seal. If it works well for your child, then order the bigger pack. You can reuse these day after day as long as they don’t get too dirty.

When asked to wear the plain white mask, my toddler said she preferred the colorful fabric masks from before… until I offered stickers. Now, she can’t wait to decorate her masks and show them off. Stickers won’t compromise the integrity of the filtration. Crayons and water-based markers may work on the masks too, but I would be slightly concerned about VOCs or if the child presses down really hard when drawing (which may damage the mask). Definitely avoid permanent markers or anything with that “new car smell” (which are likely VOCs - volatile organic compounds). Apart from that, feel free to make mask wearing stylish, personalized, and fun!

Fit for the KN95 is extremely important. Unlike fabric masks where you are simply trying to cover a cough or sneeze, KN95 masks are actually considered respirators. While these are certainly not as bulky as a hazmat respirators, they can be considered professional equipment. They filter 95% of 0.3nm particles. 0.3nm (or 0.3 microns) particles are the most difficult particles to trap because they are just tiny enough to float through face mask fibers while just big enough to not suffer entrapment with Brownian motion. Good-fitting KN95 masks provide exceptional protection from virus-laden exhaled moisture particles while being lightweight and easy to wear.

Air needs to be filtered through them as you breathe in, not seeping in from the nasal bridge or gaps on the sides. You may have to try a few different styles before you find one that conforms well to the nasal bridge, doesn't leave gaps on the cheeks, and fully wraps around the chin. Gaps in any of the areas may require adjusting or ultimately going with another mask style or size. As with any other face masks on the market, we are unable to accept returns. We don't want you to waste money buying multiple masks that aren’t right for your child's face shape and size, so we sell a single KN95 mask for your child(ren) to try on and test.

Extended all-day wearing of a KN95 mask takes a period of adjustment. It's normal to feel a bit warm while wearing them. Oxygen and carbon dioxide pass through them without any problems, as do many smells. Smelling aromatic substances does not mean that it's not working, but many smells will be significantly dulled with a KN95 mask because the larger particles cannot pass through the filter fibers. Try to not get the mask wet because that may impair mask integrity long term and impede air exchange in the short term. Excessive facial motion may disturb the seal and decrease filtration effectiveness. Some people wear a fabric mask over their high-quality respirator to lengthen the lifespan of their KN95 respirator.

If your child is attending in-person school while wearing these masks, be sure they know how to put it on correctly and consistently. A parent should shape the nose wire for the child to eliminate gaps. Children with sensitive ears may want to wear a headband with buttons. The ear loops can be hooked onto the headbands to save the ears from irritation. These KN95 masks ear loops are as comfortable as possible, using the button headband/baseball cap idea can be even more comfortable.