Kit for face mask (bias tape, surgical tape, speaker wire)


On this simple face mask pattern (especially for bearded men), a few items were suggested that you may not have around the house. Here, we make it a bit easier to acquire a small amount of those items for your own DIY face mask adventures.

  • 1 pack of bias tape
    • extra wide, 1/2 inch width
    • double fold
    • 3 yards in length
    • navy blue
    • enough for almost 2 masks per pattern above, skips steps 15-18
  • 1 roll of 3M Micropore surgical paper tape
    • 1 inch width
    • 10 yards length
    • ideal for delicate skin around eyes
  • 1 yard of speaker wire
    • insulated speaker wire
    • easy to flex and holds shape over nose bridge
    • enough for 4 masks per pattern above